Why Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their children tech-free

Do you like to know why Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their children tech-free? For children, it is a bad idea to use the screen for a long time. Parents even know about the negative impacts of the screen. But still, they let their kids spend high time on electronic gadgets and smartphones as well. 

Those children who use smartphones for three hours or more in a day are more likely to become hopeless. Don’t you think that it happens because of parent’s ignorance? Most of the parents are busy with their work and they don’t pay attention to their kids. 

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates raised their children in a short-tech environment. Because of it, the power of digital technology did not make their children tech addicted.

According to Bill Gates, he didn’t permit his kids to use smartphones until the age of 14. He said that he applies a cap lock on the mobile phone screen to prevent her daughter from developing an addiction to video games.

CEO of Apple Steve Jobs said that he put time limits on his kids to use screens at home. Jobs stopped his children from using iPads in schools. Although the school requires kids to study by using digital screens instead of books.

After looking at these two leaders. we can imagine that people in Silicon Valley are now trying to raise their children away from the power of technology, smartphones, and also electronic gadgets. 

Gates emphasized the use of technology for all students to take advantage of it in an educational setting. He took a deep interest in personalized education. For this motive, Bill Gates commemorates Summit Sierra which is a Seattle-based school that took the personal aims of students severely. According to Gates, personalized learning may not be a cure for all, but it will be pleasant for the young generation to form the most of their potential.

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