Types of Offshore Accidents

Today we are going to share with you the types of Offshore Accidents. Common offshore accidents involve falling objects, explosions, falls, and also fires. Offshore injuries experience from these accidents can involve head trauma, severe burns, back injuries and also drowning. Oil platforms which are known as oil rigs are large layout that is planned to drill wells and extract natural gas and oil as well. These platforms also stoke the product for some time until they can be transported back to land.

Due to the explosive nature of these products handled on this type of vessel, explosions are ordinary. In the past years, many explosions happen in many different areas as a result many people have lost there and many injuries have been sustained.

Because of the size of an oil platform, people fall from a height which could cause serious injury or death. The wind also effects as it throws an employee from a high point on the vessel. Rain makes the surface slippery. Slip and fall accidents can easily happen without proper safety precautions. Common injuries that occur from a fall could be broken bones, twisted or sprained joints. Other more serious situations happen when an employee is thrown off of the platform by the storm into the ocean. After this accident, the people not only injured but also have a great risk of brain damage due to lack of oxygen while in the water.

These accidents have not just happened on oil platforms, they are usually among barges as well. A barge is a large flat-bottomed water vessel commonly used in canals and rivers for transporting the heavy bulk product. For example, in 2003 a barge carrying millions of gallons of gasoline exploded. This catastrophe kills 2 employees and spilling over 3 million gallons of unleaded gasoline.

However, not only falls, fires and explosions cause offshore accident. But falling objects are also common at an offshore worksite. If a person sets equipment and forgets to put it away if cargo is not controlled properly, if safety tools are old and do not function properly, all of these put up to a falling object accident. Injuries occurred due to these type of accident can involve broken bones, severe head trauma, bruising and even an offshore fatality.

If you or your family member has been injured by an offshore accident you must contact a maritime attorney immediately. An injured offshore employee has the right to an attorney, and frequently offshore companies will try to allocate an attorney, investigator and doctor that they select.

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