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Twitter Announces Communities Features and Premium Super Follows

Twitter Announces Communities Features and Premium Super Follows

Here is good news for Twitter users. Social media platform, Twitter, has announced that it was working for users on a premium version of the application to build an exclusive following.
Almost two years after the announcement, the company has rolled out its first premium features named the ‘Super Follows’ and ‘Communities’. These features work similarly to YouTube and Patreon membership options.



For access to special content, Super Follows allows premium users to charge their followers. On monthly charges, Super Followers will be able to get access to the subscriber-only newsletter and view exclusive content as well as deals and discounts on your products.
They will also have a special supporter badge and community access. This new feature will permit users to earn from their followers. Of course! Twitter will also take some charges from these earnings.


The other feature, Communities, allows users to join and create groups that have a particular interest and theme. This will be the same as Facebook groups. The users who have joined these communities will be allowed to interact and see posts in the community. This will help individuals to see the posts of their interest rather than the randomness of the current timeline structure.
Twitter has not disclosed the details regarding the rollout of these features.

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