Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi and Phalestine

The Sultan of Granada, Sultan Salahuddin Ayub Abdulaziz, is a man with an unusual gift. He has the most influential seat in Islam – and his seat is now the seat of the heads of almost all Islamic nations, except Algeria. His country is now known as Morocco. One of his most important functions was the founding of the Algeria national football team. But why?

sultan salahuddin ayubi


Morocco was part of the United Arab Emirates, which was ruled by the House of Saud. During World War I, the UAE severed relations with all other Arab nations and formed an alliance with France against England. The House of Saud was very worried that England was losing her hold on the Middle East and wanted to regain her position. They therefore had to appease the French who had been their friend in the past. This helped them gain support in the eyes of the British and later the Americans who supported the new House of Saud.

House of Saud

So, when the French and the British backed the House of Saud, the Grand Sheikh announced that Islam would be accepted as an official religion alongside the other religions of Mecca and Medina. Religious tolerance is much appreciated in the modern world where many religions are under fierce attacks. Religious intolerance is still widespread though and Morocco is not immune to this.


He made this announcement in response to what he considered to be a lack of respect for Muslims in some areas of the world. He specifically cited Africa and the Muslim world as areas where people were being harassed and abused because of their religion. He also complained about the burning of alive people because of their religion. There were a lynching inogo and many more incidences.

Religious intolerance

Many people condemn this and say that it is a form of religious intolerance. However, Sultan Muhammad Shah Al Aabdul received thousands of letters from people who deplored the acts of intolerance. Surely, there have been hundreds of cases of murder and all for simply having a different religion. Religious intolerance is alive and well in Morocco.


The government has promised to tackle these problems head on. Education has been improved. However, all these developments have occurred so quickly and so sporadically that many are not impressed. The education system is not perfect but certainly better than before. However, the quality of teachers has been lacking and many students drop out. This has been a major setback in improving the standard of living in the country.



Recently, a group of hard core fundamentalists from the Mrouri area set up camp outside the city. They were removed by the police and transported to another province. These hard core fundamentalists had made a nuisance of themselves. Although they were not violent, they made the locals very uncomfortable. There were threats issued against local businessmen and even their families.

Morocco lies

The future of Morocco lies in its people. The transition time will be long and painful. Yet, it will be a transition that the whole country will look forward to. If you want to experience a peaceful transfer of power, take advantage of the present period and visit Marrakech. You will not regret it. The food, the sights and the atmosphere will make your trip well worth it.

Famous school

The most famous school in town is Sidi Zabid. Founded in 1963, it is known for its excellent education curriculum. Students that want to become doctors, engineers or teachers flock to Sidi Zabid to complete their secondary education.

In addition to the above-mentioned school, there are a few other good schools all throughout Morocco. It is important to select well, so you will have a memorable experience in Morocco. Try to identify a school that is right for you. Perhaps you could enroll your child in a preparatory school in case there is a gap in the school’s curriculum.

Education in Morocco

As you start your education in Morocco, do not forget to explore Morocco’s rich culture. It is home to many mosques and monasteries that offer traditional Islamic teaching. It also has a rich musical history. You can visit Fes and consult with some of the older inhabitants. There, you can learn about life in Fes, and in some cases, you might even make some new friends.

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