Sri Lanka To Ban Burqa

The government minister announced on Saturday that Sri Lanka would ban the use of the burqa and close more than 1,000 Islamic schools. The new activities are affecting the country’s Muslim minority. Friday’s petition for cabinet approval to ban full covers used by some Muslim women on “national security” grounds. “In our early days, Muslim women and girls did not wear burqas,” He said. Recent extremism. Of course, we will ban it. The burqa was carried out in most Buddhist countries in 2019 after more than 250 people were killed in bombings in churches and hotels by Islamic extremists.

Later that year, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, best known as Minister of Defense for his role in crushing the years of the uprising in the north, was elected president after promising an end to extremism. the government plans to ban more than 1,000 fools (Islamic schools) who say they ignore state education policies, saying, “Everyone has to open a school and tell their children what they want. I won’t. No. Last year, the burqa and the school followed orders to burn the bodies of the victims of the Covid-19 massacre, against Muslim intentions to bury the bodies. The ban was lifted earlier this year following criticism from states. The United States and international human rights groups Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked the Sri Lankan government for eliminating forced labour after a two-day visit to the island last month.

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