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Some Crimes of the Children of Israel

The history of the Children of Israel is replete with innumerable crimes, including rebellion against God, the Merciful, the Misguided, and the disobedience of the Prophets and their unjust killing. Some of these crimes he himself confessed in the Gospel:
When the kingdom of Israel was divided into two kingdoms (Jerusalem’s kingdom of Judea and Israel’s kingdom of Samaria) after Solomon, a series of battles broke out between them and it was the turn of the kingdom of Judea to become it’s own. He sought the help of the Aramaic Empire of Damascus against the brothers. When, by God’s command, the prophet Hanani gave a stern warning to King Asa of Judea. But instead of accepting the warning, Asa sent God’s prophet Kohi to prison. (1 Chronicles, Chapter 1, Verse 1-4)
When Elijah (peace be upon him) rebuked the Jews for worshiping Baal and started blowing the trumpet of monotheism again, Akhi, the Israeli king of Samaria, now ran after his life for the sake of his polytheistic wife. They even had to take refuge in the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula. The words of the prayer that Elijah prayed on this occasion are as follows:
“The children of Israel have forsaken your covenant. They have slain your prophets with the sword, and I am the only one left, so they are about to take my life.” (1 Kings, Chapter 1, Verse 1)
At the same time, he sent another prophet, Micah, to prison for telling the truth, and commanded him to feed the man the bread of trouble and the water of trouble. (1 Kings, Chapter 1, Verse 1-4)
When public idolatry and immorality became rampant in the kingdom of Judea and the prophet Zechariah raised his voice against it, he was stoned to death in the Temple of Solomon between the “Holy” and the “Altar” by the order of King Judas of Judah (1 Chronicles, Chapter 1, Verse 1)
When the state of Israel in Samaria was overthrown by the Assyrians and the storm of destruction over the Jewish state of Jerusalem was looming, the prophet “Jeremiah” rose to mourn the loss of his people and began to cry out, ” Your end will be worse than Samaria. But the response from the nation was that they were cursed and cursed from all sides, beaten, imprisoned, tied with ropes and hung in a muddy pool, so that they could meet foreign enemies. Have happened (Jeremiah, Chapter 1, Verse 1, Chapter 3, Verses 1: 3, Chapter 1, Verses 1: 3, Chapter 1 to Chapter 5)
Another prophet wrote about Amos that when he rebuked the state of Israel in Samaria for its immorality and misguidance and warned of the bad consequences of these actions, he was warned to leave the country and go out and prophesy. ۔ (Amos, Chapter 1, Verses 1-4)
When Hazrat Yahya (John) raised his voice against the immoral people who were publicly appearing in the court of the heroic ruler of Judea, he was first imprisoned, then the king, at the behest of his mistress, became the most virtuous man in the nation. He was beheaded and placed in a tray and offered it. (Mark, Chapter 1, Verses 1-4)
In the end, the anger of the scholars and leaders of the nation of Israel flared up against Jesus (pbuh), because he rebuked them for their sins and their hypocrisy and preached faith and truth. False charges were brought against him for this crime, a Roman court sentenced him to death, and when the Roman ruler Pilate told the Jews that Jesus and Barabbas were robbers for you today on the day of the feast, When I released him, the whole assembly unanimously called for him to be released, and Jesus was hanged. (Matthew, chapter 1, verses 1 to 6)

shahzad hassan

میرا نام شہزاد حسن ہے اور مجھے اپنے الفاظ سے اظہار خیال کرنا پسند ہے۔

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