Soft 404s Or Noindex Empty Pages For Google

Michelle Race, aka ShelliWeb, asked a motivating SEO question, she asked what’s better for Google after you have empty webpages. do you have to noindex the clear webpage or do you have to let Google hint it and use it as a soft 404?

The specific case is that you simply create a category page but you’ve got no product on it page yet. What does one neutralise the for meantime while you sit up for products to come back into that category. does one noindex it from Google or let Google index the clear page and use it as a soft 404?
When things change (empty -> content), we usually get signals from various places (suddenly internal links), so we will use that to select up crawling when needed.”Now in fact it’d be best to own a feature to not show the page the least bit yet with none content on that. don’t add it to your navigation, don’t present it to users or search engines until the page has content. But there must be a business or technical reason for having to indicate it without content first, during this specific case. Either way, John’s response is interesting and new.

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