PTA again block tik tok in Pakistan

For failing to remove “inappropriate content”, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), blocked Wednesday’s access to TikTok.

In a short statement, the authority stated that “in light of relevant provisions of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 PTA has blocked access [to] the] TikTok website and app in the country.”

The statement stated that the action was taken because of the “continuous presence of inappropriate content on this platform and its failure take such content down.”

The first time the Chinese-owned app wasbanned in Pakistan was in October 2020. According to the PTA the decision was made over complaints about indecent or immoral content. It was lifted10 days later after the company assured the telecom regulator it would block accounts “spreading obscenity”.

The ban was imposed by the Peshawar High Court in March. It was lifted in April.

In June, the Sindh High Court followed suit and ordered the PTA tosuspend access to TikTok in the country for “spreading immorality and obscenity”. The court hadlifted the suspension three days after issuing the order.

In Pakistan, 6 Million Videos were removed during the first quarter 2021

Last month, the app said that more than six million videos wereremoved from TikTok in Pakistan in three months.

According to TikTok Pakistan’s most recent transparency report, TikTok Pakistan, 6,495,992 videos were removed in Pakistan. This makes it the second largest market after the USA where 8,540,088 videos have been removed.

15% of the videos that were removed contained “adult nudity or sexual activities”.

According to a spokesperson, the ban on Pakistani-made videos was a result both of user requests and government requests.

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    1 Top 10 Pakistani Tiktokers of 2020

    • 1.1 Zulqarnain Sikandar
    • 1.2 Malik Usman
    • 1.3 Sehar Hayat
    • 1.4 Jannat Mirza
    • 1.5 Tauqeer Ahmad as Pholloo
    • 1.6 Hamayun Awan
    • 1.7 Balli Squad
    • 1.8 Kanwal Aftab
    • 1.9 Alishbah Anjum
    • 1.10 Harris Awan
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Top 10 Pakistani Tiktokers of 2020

Here is the list of Pakistan’s top 10 Tiktokers of 2021.

  1. Zulqarnain sikandar

    Zulqarnain Sikandar, a famous Tiktoker from Pakistan, has 3 million followers and 123.2 million likes. He is the number one spot.

  2. Malik Usman

    Malik Usman, also known as Molvi, is also a popular Tiktoker in Pakistan. He has 2.3 million followers and 61,000,000 Likes. He creates hilarious videos.
    Malik Usman Tiktokers Pakistan

  3. Sehar Hayat

    Sehar Hayat, Pakistan’s Number 1 Female Tikokers is her smile. She has 2.9 million followers and 47,000,000 likes.

  4. Jannat Mirza

    Jannat Mirza is the most followed account. She has 3.7 million followers, 41 million likes and has been 20 years old. Jannat Mirza studies alongside creating the most entertaining videos.

  5. Tauqeer Ahmad is Pholloo

    Tauqeer Ahmad, also known as Pholloo, is a Pakistani Tiktoker. His simplicity and unique videos have earned him 2 million followers and 54,000,000 likes. With his comedy videos, 31-year-old Tauqeer Ahmad is already a star in Pakistan.
    Pholoo Tauqeer ahmad Tiktok

  6. Hamayun Awan

    Hamayun Awan, also known as Daddu Awan, is Pakistan’s most prominent TikTok creator. If you look at all his videos you will see that he is the only TikToker who creates original and unique content in Pakistan. He is the best of them all. He has over 300k followers and 8,000,000 likes.
    Daddu Awan Tiktoker

  7. Balli Squad

    Baali Squad is known for making hilarious content. Balli Squad is made up of four people and they are the most well-known Squad in Pakistan. They have 7 million likes and 460k followers.
    Balli Squad Tiktok Pakistan

  8. Kanwal Aftab

    Kanwal Aftab, a Lahore TikToker is also a Favourite TikToker. People love his adorable smile and her videos. She has a total of 2.5 million followers and 28,000,000 likes.
    Kanwal Aftab tiktok Pakistan

  9. Alishbah Anjum

    She is also one the Most Prettiest Tiktokers and Talented Tiktokers. She has 3 million followers and 37,000,000 Likes
    Alisbha Anjum Pakistan Tiktok

  10. Harris Awan

    Harris from Lahore is another one of the great actors. He has made more than 900 videos, and has 1.3 million followers.

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