How to stop thinking about work and be where you are

Today we will discuss how to stop thinking about work and be where you are. Have you ever been exhausted? When you are with family or spending your spare time, working ideas come to your mind. Or maybe when you are at a bed and trying to sleep, but working thoughts disturb you. 

It’s true, working thoughts not just come into your mind when you are at the workplace. But it also happens when you are not working. No doubt, it’s a very disturbing situation. Maybe you mentally go through pending tasks when you are at a picnic. You will check office emails when you are with the family. 

Definitely, it’s easy to leave the workplace, but stop thinking about work is not so simple. Even when you find yourself panicking at midnight about what will happen tomorrow at work, how your boss will behave with you, and all that. All of these thoughts will make you anxious or depressed

As a result, you will get exhausted, your conflicts with the family will increase, and you will not be able to enjoy life. Our body needs proper rest, if you don’t take proper rest or sleep, your whole body including your mind will be affected badly. 

Here we will discuss ways to stop thinking about work and be where you are:

Write down what is disturbing you

Take a pen and paper and write down all the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are disturbing you. You can also write all the tasks you perform the whole day before leaving the work. And also write down all the tasks that you would like to perform the next day. This is the best way to allow your mind to get free from all thoughts. Writing the thoughts or tasks on a paper helps you to focus on the present. 

Play video games

When you overthink about work, definitely you will feel anxious. So try to play video games. Because in this way your brain works at a high level. As a result, your brain focuses on the game and you will feel free from the work thoughts. And you will be able to enjoy your free time. 

Muscle relaxation techniques

If you feel exhausted, and want to cope with the situation when you are stressed. Then you need to calm down your muscles. There are several muscle relaxation techniques. For example, you can take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale it slowly. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times. 

In this way muscles feel more relaxed and the brain also get relaxed. As a result you will be free from bothering thoughts. 

Channel your energy into other activities

Channel your energy into the activities of your interest. It can switch your brain away from the work. Our brain is not so good at multitasking. When you perform other activities your brain doesn,t be able to keep focusing on work. For example, if you like painting, start painting or sketching. If you like to play the piano, then start playing it. 


It,s good to be committed to your work. Most people want to do their best at their workplace. They want to get appreciated by their boss or want to become successful. But always remember, everyone has a life outside of work. Everyone should balance their work and life. As a result, you can be successful for a long time.

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