How to Decrease Breast Size

How to Decrease Breast Size Natural Methods vs Surgery. Breasts develop throughout the life of a woman. Whether you have always had a large chest or it has developed after pregnancy or weight gain, chest size can be frustrating for some women. In some cases, women find large breasts to be an aesthetic or cosmetic asset, however, many women struggle with having larger breasts. Back and neck pain can be found in the way you live your everyday life. In these situations, there are some options to decrease breast size. Women may consider a number of natural options for breast reduction or decide that breast reduction surgery is the right step. If you tried all the natural options below and did not see results, then to decrease breast reduction surgery may be the only option. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is a great first step in determining if surgery is right for you.

Natural Ways To Decrease Breast Size

After a quick online search, you can find many options how to decrease breast size naturally. These options are a great begin for women who don’t want to jump into breast decreasing surgery right now.  How to decrease breast size for many women, so these are the following four natural ways are given below.

1) exercise

Including some exercises in your normal workout routine can help how to decrease breast size. This is important because these exercises can help you reduce the fat on the chest and strengthen the muscles below. This results in smaller, percussed breasts. Some of the chest exercises are:
  • Push ups
  • Swimming
  • Total
  • Free load
Adding other forms of cardio, including jogging or climbing stairs, will produce overall fat loss, evenly distributed throughout the body.

2) Diet

Along with exercise, diet is another important factor to decrease breast size naturally. There are some foods and beverages that you can consume that can help to decrease breast size. It consists of the following.
  • ginger
  • flax seed
  • Green tea
  • Fenugreek
  • egg whites
Including these products in your daily diet can help you how to decrease breast size. Avoid processed, sugary foods and beverages that do not provide any real nutrients. This will help you shed pounds rapidly, revealing the toned chest.

3) Complement

There is some research that indicates that taking fish oil can help decrease breast size. It is recommended that you consume at least 1,000mg of fish oil every day to see results. Fish oil provides a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent estrogen overflow in the body. By reducing estrogen in the body, breast size can be significantly reduced. Alternatively, you can eat healthy, boiled fish in your daily diet. Fish such as salmon, mackerel, and albacore tuna are high in omega-3s.

4) Massage

Breast massage is another proven natural method to reduce breast size. According to one study, regular massage can reduce fat stored in breast tissue. By practicing massage daily or weekly, you can see great results. Use natural coconut oil or lotion to improve stretch marks as well as improve skin elasticity.

Breast reduction surgery overview

Breast reduction or beast decreases surgery usually takes place in a hospital setting and takes a few hours to complete. During the procedure, skin, fat and tissue are removed from the lower breast area. In most cases, the surgeon then moves the nipples to a higher position on the breast. After moving the nipple to its new position, the skin above the nipple is brought under and around the breast. The surgeon then makes an incision.
In some cases, breast reduction is an option. In this process, only a small incision will be made in the breast crease. A thin surgical tube, known as a cannula, is used to remove excess fatty breast tissue. This technique is considered a breastless reduction procedure because the scars are minimal.

What is breast reduction surgery recovery?

After breast reduction surgery, your breasts will be sore, swollen and scratched. You can consider  to wear bandages for almost 2 days after surgery. Avoid strenuous activity for one to two weeks. Additionally, you should do heavy lifting and refrain from exercise and other strenuous activities for at least four weeks before the procedure. For additional assistance, a special soft surgical bra or athletic bra will be recommended by your doctor.
Your surgeon will remove your stitches in two to three weeks after the breast reduction procedure. Most women will be able to return to work and other normal activities approximately two weeks after the procedure. To ensure that breasts are healing properly, breast reduction patients should attend follow-up appointments for several months after surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Decreasing Surgery?

If you previously tried all of the above natural methods and did not see results, then breast reduction surgery may be the best option for you. You should talk to your plastic surgeon about your body’s goals and can clarify if you are a good candidate. However, generally speaking, a good candidate for breast reduction surgery has the following characteristics.
  • Have an above-average overall health status
  • Macromastia (big breast)
  • Suffering from negative symptoms, such as back / neck pain or rash under the breasts

Finding the right plastic surgeon to decrease your breast size

After trying all the natural methods and not seeing results, breast reduction surgery may well be your most suitable choice. during this case, reach resolute an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon near you who can help. In your initial consultation, the proper sawbones will address all of your concerns regarding the surgery and recovery. He or she is going to also confirm to answer any lingering questions you have got about the procedure and cause you to feel as comfortable as possible. It’s important that you simply seek a doctor who educates you regarding your decision and who causes you to feel relaxed. If you are doing not feel this fashion when chatting with your current doctor, search out a second opinion. this could be important for creating the foremost well-informed medical decision possible.

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