Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.12

Are you looking for Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.12? So you are on the right page. WordPress Automatic Plugin is considered the best content scraper plugin for WordPress. This plugin is developed and designed by ValvePress. It has almost 17700+ sales until now. WordPress Automatic plugin auto-posts amazon products, regular articles, youtube videos, Clickbank products, feed posts, and many more. One should just create a campaign and then, the WordPress Automatic Plugin will posts content according to campaign settings on autopilot. Creating a campaign is a very easy task. One should just need to go to WordPress Dashboard, then New Campaign after that select Campaign Type, keywords, post template, post-filters, etc, and then press the publish button. That’s it, now relax and this automatic plugin will do all work for you such as content publishing, etc.

However, this plugin supports 20+ Campaign types. It can drag and auto-publish content from almost all popular affiliate sites, and also social sites. This plugin also gives an option to turn round posted content by using the best spinner. For this, just set up “the best spinner” account on the settings page of this plugin. After that select spin content options while creating a campaign to put it work. This plugin also allows you to start Clickbank affiliate or amazon autopilot site by setting Clickbank username and amazon API, with your affiliate links it will automatically create product posts. In short, the WordPress Automatic Plugin is the greatest auto-blogging plugin for WordPress with lots of advanced features and also customization options.

Core features of the WordPress Automatic Plugin

  • Amazon affiliate API support
  • Find and replace words in the article option
  •  With the affiliate link support Clickbank products
  • Ads options
  • EzineArticles API
  • For content rewriting, best Spinner support
  • Envato affiliate  support
  • Allow to setup update frequency
  • Limit maximum number of posts
  • Flicker API Support
  • Youtube API Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • iTunes affiliate options
  • Post template option
  • Auto featured image
  • Different post-filters support
  • Translate the post before posting
  • WPML language support
  • Auto posts from RSS feed
  • Auto posts eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and Clickbank Products.

New Features in WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.12 (Changelog)

  • NEW: Choice to limit processing time for every campaign.
  • Fix:  if multiple feed URLs are used, feeds visual selector now works.
  • New: Multi-page scraper option to leave outposts older than a specific date.
  • New: Choice to set default values for tags that will return clear.
  • Important: SoundCloud fully works.
  • New: Facebook option to leave outposts shared from other posts.
  • New: content only added to replace and search option.
  • And some other bug fixes and minor enhancements.
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