Express Darbar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi closed For Violating Food Safety Rules

Express Darbar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi closed For Violating Food Safety Rules

Abu Dhabi’s famous restaurant has been closed for violating food safety rules
According to the Food Safety Authority, the quality of food in the restaurant was poor.

‘The Express Darbar Restaurant’ has been closed

Abu Dhabi: Every possible step is taken to ensure the safety of the lives and health of the people in the United Arab Emirates. In this regard, all food points are strictly inspected for cleanliness and food quality. If a restaurant repeatedly violates the relevant rules and regulations, it is closed. According to the Khaleej Times, Abu Dhabi’s famous restaurant ‘The Express Darbar Restaurant’ has been closed.
The reason is a serious violation of rules and regulations. The restaurant, located in the Al-Mufraq industrial area, was found to be grossly negligent in storing food and serving it safely.

Warning before closing the restaurant

The management says the restaurant has already been fined three times for food safety violations and issued three warnings before closing.
However, repeated violations of food safety rules by the restaurant management did not stop. As a result, the restaurant has been closed. Inspectors from the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority said the restaurant had failed to comply with food safety rules, endangering the lives of customers.

Keep a close eye on food and hygiene standards

Authorities have urged people to keep a close eye on food and hygiene standards at food points. If there is a problem with the cleanliness or poor quality of food in a restaurant or cafeteria, report it to 55800.
However, the restaurant is located in Al-Mufraq Industrial City, home to many shops, factories, offices and workers’ residential units. This area is also close to the densely populated area of ​​Al-Wathba. Al-Mufraq Industrial City also has a large west water treatment plant.

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