Citizens of 15 countries banned from entering Pakistan

Citizens of 15 countries banned from coming to Pakistan. According to details, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has further expanded the application of Corona SOPs for the arrival of international travellers to Pakistan due to the continued spread of Coronavirus globally. It has been informed that the Corona SOPs regarding the arrival of international passengers in Pakistan has been extended till March 14. The Civil Aviation Authority has also issued a notification regarding the SOPs.

According to the new notification, the category C list has been further expanded, bringing the number of countries in this category to 15. Temporary travel bans will be maintained on the arrival of citizens of Pakistan in this category.

Citizens of these countries will not be allowed to enter Pakistan without a Corona Negative Test and a Civil Aviation Authority permit.
Category C includes the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, Botswana and Zambia, among others. Civil Aviation has divided all the countries into 3 categories in total. In addition to Category C, Category A includes 15 countries, including Australia, China, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. All countries except category A and C are included in category B.

Passengers from Category B countries are required to undergo a corona test before travelling. It should be noted that Pakistan, like other countries in the world, had imposed travel bans due to the spread of the coronavirus. It’s been a year since the sanctions were imposed. Travel restrictions were eased in Pakistan as the Corona epidemic subsided. However, after the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus in some countries, including the United Kingdom, Pakistan again imposed strict travel restrictions on some countries.

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