Amir liaquiat love stories

  1. Aamir liaquiat love stories 

Amir liaquiat relationship with Toba and Bushra. 

A well khnow personality and famous TV star amir facing now a days alot of scandals. He is also an active member of pti. 

Amir get his 1st marriage with bushra after some years amir meet an other gorgeous girl name touba and then he attached with her and in the result he get married with touba. 

Bushra said in her tweet that amir give me divorce only because of touba and it is also Touba wish. He don’t care of her children. Bushra said that the divorce is painful moments in my life but more unlikely is toubas order for me in which amir be become blind and take action. 

OK that’s was a Bushra story 

  • Mera Ger TooT Gaya 

Now a days touba is also in headlines. And amir said in his instagram stories that 

” Mera Ger TooT Gaya ” 

Yes now Amir said 24 hour ago that Mera ger TooT Gaya clear that his and toba relationship is finished. Now touba is also divorced. 

Amir liaqat feel so said about his situation. 

Amir liaqat says that “listen every one those who talk about my 3rd marriage and use abused language I will see all of them in court becouse Mera ger TooT Gaya only becouse of those people who can not understand others emotions and just play and want attention. 

He said that I show too much patient but people used too much rough language for me 

Amir also clearify that he get  only two marriage o e is his ex wife bushra and 2nd is now touba 

He also said that the “be ready youtubes who used unusual words and story for my life and play with my emotions,I will see all of them in front of cheif justice at high Court. 


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