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A short story about Kashmir Issue

Once upon a time when Subcontinent was gotten freedom from British rule, there are so many parties contributed and so many movements came into being they did different tasks and reawaken public as they joined the movement of freedom against British rulers many of Rajas and feudal became the part of that revolutionary associations many of people martyred in the name of liberation they recognized our sorrows will provide the best way for our generations they fought a war of independence for the future generation.

Finally, though they got liberation from British rulers. People disappointed from the British independence bypassed some years a Muslim Hindu conflict came on the screen the result of that revolt was the formation of two states Hindustan for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims of the subcontinent in the year of 1947, august.

In these two newly born states many kings and feudal amalgamated with new states some of them merged to India and Pakistan at that time there was a region known as Jammu and Kashmir which was ruled by Sikh family rulers, before the separation of the subcontinent it cleared from the pages of history that Jammu and Kashmir were conquered by the British they had beaten Sikhs kingdom after the victory.

The British government sold Jammu and Kashmir to Gulab Singh Jamwal during the compartment of the subcontinent, elections were held by the British government to different states at that time Hari Singh Jamwal supported congress even though there was the majority of the Muslim population that was the turning point for the people of Kashmir’s. In 1947 Kashmir was considered an integral part of two newly born states.

In 1948, Jammu and Kashmir were allocated to Pakistan and India. Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan became the part of Pakistan while on the other hand Jammu and Ladakh were the portions of Hindustan. Now the clash of two nuclear weapon holder countries on Indian occupied Kashmir partially China is also involved in this clash b/c china wants to open a corridor for trading in central ASIA by using this land.

Among three powerful countries, Kashmir is a Hub from where they make money but the people of Kashmir are continuously fighting for the freedom they need peace in their heaven place. A prominent Sufi poet said this is the place of heaven, heaven, and heaven. It is difficult to understand why the disputation of Kashmir could not solve till today. In my opinion, Kashmir is just used by the three Nuclear power countries.

Pakistan only fighting for her connotation Pak think that if Kashmir becomes the part of India it will harmful for her because Pakistan’s basic life source water comes from Kashmir and India just wants to use the land of Kashmir to improve the economy they want to make Jammu and Kashmir permanent part of the state. Sometimes ago Modi’s government (BJP) t revoked the 370, article from the Indian constitution.

The purpose of diminishing 370, the article is to deprive Kashmir’s of their rights due to this reason people of Jammu Kashmir avowed slogan for freedom. form 2018 Indian government send troops of the army to repress the voice of independence in Kashmir and the government executed a curfew in Kashmir for two years no any kind of permission given to local people of occupied Kashmir to go out from their houses, so many infallible people were martyred by Indian army and many politicians were imprisoned by bloodthirsty army troops they fired many of shells and rubber bullets on people to prohibit them from a protest.

Pakistan’s government highlights the dispute of Kashmir continuously to the UN but no one agrees to solve this issue even they are looking at a violation of the Indian army. India just does all that for her benefits they want to create a hindrance for the treaty of CPEC it is only the jealousy of India they do not want to see development in Pakistan. Kashmir is only a region it may destroy the world b/c increasing rate of blaming and threatening of two nuclear countries it may cause nuclear war which is harmful to whole the world, so every country should pay attention to resolve the disputation of Kashmir and to save our mother earth from destruction.

Farooq Mahar

Fresh graduate student of engineering loving of reading and fond of writing

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