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11 Best Dog Foods To Eat

Are you a dog lover? Are you worried about your dog’s food? So you are in the right place. Here you will get the 11 Best Dog Foods To Eat.
Some foods are healthy and safe for dogs to eat, while others are harmful and toxic for your dogs. So, always try the best fresh dog food to avoid adverse effects like allergic reactions.
Also remember to feed your dog in moderation, because too much food results in weight gain and also shows negative effects.
All dogs are different from each other. One dog may digest food, while another experiences adverse effects. Make sure to only feed foods that are non-toxic to dogs.

So here is the list of best dog foods to eat

1. Carrots:

Carrot is one of the best dog foods even you can give it in a raw or cooked form. These are basically low in calories and a good source of minerals, vitamins and fibre. It is the best fresh dog food, you can give it to your dog as a snack also. Make sure to cut it into small pieces to prevent choking.

2. Eggs:

The second best dog foods are cooked eggs. These are nutritious and perfectly safe for dogs to eat.
One egg contains vitamins, minerals and also lots of protein. It also helps to relieve nausea in dogs.

3. Salmon:

Cooked, boneless salmon is healthy and safe food for your dog. However, it is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce inflammation. It helps to keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy. Plus, you should avoid feeding raw salmon to your dog.

4. Blueberries:

Blueberries are nutritious and safe for dogs to eat.
It contains vitamins, fibre, minerals and is a rich source of disease-fighting antioxidants, all of which may benefit your dog’s health.
However, these are low in calories and small in size, which is good for your dog

5. Bread:

Whole grain and plain white bread are safe for most dogs to eat.
Avoid extra ingredients in bread, such as raisins, which could be potentially harmful.
Additionally, keep in mind that bread, along with other foods, adds extra calories to your dog’s diet and may cause weight gain if he eats too much.

6. Oatmeal:

Plain oatmeal is good for your dog to eat.
It provides vitamins, minerals and lots of fibres.
Try to feed oatmeal to your dog in moderate amounts to prevent gaining weight.

7. Broccoli:

Raw or cooked broccoli is good for your dog but in moderation.
It contains many nutrients and is a low-calorie vegetable. Therefore, it is a healthy snack for your dog.
Feed broccoli to your dog in moderation because it contains isothiocyanates that may irritate your dog’s digestive system.

8. Chicken:

Cooked chicken is a safe and healthy food for most dogs to eat.
Chicken is an excellent source of protein, which is used in many dog foods to stay healthy. Avoid feeding raw chicken to your dog to prevent a Salmonella infection

9. Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are healthy and also safe food for dogs to eat in moderate amounts.
Dogs can easily digest it and are rich in vitamin A, which is necessary for your dog’s immune system and eye’s health.
Thus, too much sweet potato can lead to muscle weakness and bone problems in dogs because of vitamin A in it.

10. Mushrooms:

Plain mushrooms are safe for your dogs to eat. Avoid extra ingredients mushrooms, such as onions and garlic, that may have adverse effects on dogs.

11. Celery:

Celery is a healthy and safe snack for dogs to eat.
Also, it is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and low in calories.
Before feeding your dog celery, cut it into small pieces to make it easier to digest and also prevent choking.

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